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Food safety in horticulture chains in Bangladesh and Vietnam

Implementation time: June, 2021 – Sept, 2021
WorldVeg (under ADB TA-9218 REG)
Project leader: 
Dr. Pham Van Hoi (CARES)

1. Description
This study covers socioeconomic and technical aspects of fruit&vegetable value chain targeted in Hanoi, Vietnam and Dhaka, Bangladesh. For socioeconomic aspects: policies for F&V development, including those on food safety management were reviewed. In both countries, various stakeholders involved into F&V value chained were interviewed to capture information on their roles playing on F&V value chains, capacity and constraints in effectively daily operation (including food policy enforcement effectiveness). For technical aspects: a significant number of vegetable samples (in Vietnam: Mustard green, Cucumber, and Dragon fruit) were collected at wholesale markets for analyses of pesticide, microorganism, and heavy mental residues.

2. Objectives

  • Review food safety systems in Viet Nam
  • Conduct an in-depth review of existing laws and regulations regarding F&V safety
  • Identify critical contaminants and contamination points for F&V in Bangladesh and Viet Nam
  • Recommend interventions and activities, focusing on (a) enhancement of food safety related laws and regulations, and (b) promotion of food regulatory professionals to monitor food safety activities and enforce food safety regulations

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