1. Background

Aquaponics have been introduced into Vietnam for the last 10 years or so. Since 2016, CARES started to develop aquaponics system, targeted for urban households in cities Vietnam, with the system design that meet household’s demand on various types of vegetables, herbs, fruits and even bonsai.

However, aquaponics system is in resinous risks given electric cut or pump problem (for example, fishes start to die after about 3 hours of electric cut. This leads to a thought on a new system: that is not badly hit by electric cut as well as diversifies choices for households (in parallel with aquaponics). That is: chickenponics.

Chickenponics System

2. System componentsChickens: Households can raise chickens or quails. The cage is designed according to the needs of the household.

  • Hydroponic ingredients: Use pots to grow hydroponic vegetables. The system is suitable for most vegetables
  • The chickenponics bio-wasting system were constructed in 4 tanks: 1st tank receives manure directly from chicken, second tank receives surface water from the first, and similar for tank 3 and 4. Pump is installed in Tank 4. Chicken manure is automatic cleaned to Tank 1 for every 2 hours in daily time and 3 hours in night time). And, and vale connecting Tank 3 to Tank 4 is opened for every 4 hours in daily time and 6 hours in night time.
  • Vegetable Plots (soil): According to the needs of the household. This soil plots uses irrigation water from the system
  • Active device: water pump, air pump, waste collection and cleaning unit, automatic controller…
Structure of the Chickenponics system
3. Advantages

  • Unaffected by power cuts, many choices for households.
  • Provide organic food for households without spending much time and effort on care.
  • Vegetables have better quality than traditional farming, especially under climate change conditions (alternating rain and sunshine in a short time).
  • Longer harvest cycle, greater yield and better taste (especially herbs).
  • The oxygen is enriched by aeration and the recirculating water system reduces the majority of harmful bacteria.

4. Vegetable on chickenponics system

* Các loại rau được trồng trong hệ thống Chickenponics:

5. Quail has been adopted

6. Contact– To watch a video of the Chickenponics system, click here.– To set up this system, please contact:

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