Biodiversity Initiatives of Medicinal Genetic Resources for Forest-based Livelihoods of the Dao Ethnic Minority in Ba Vi

Implementation time: 7/2021 – 12/2022
Funding agency
Fund for Local Cooperation (FLC), The Embassy of Finland
Project leader:
 Dr. Nguyen Thi Thu Ha (CARES)

Ba Vi National Park
1. Overall abjectives

To contribute to biodiversity conservation and indigenous knowledge preservation for the wellbeing of the Dao ethnic minority – forest dependents in Ba Vi.

2. Specific objectives

  • To develop and implement the Biodiversity Conservation Action Plan of 26 Medicinal Plants in the Vietnam Red Data Book.
  • To develop and pilot a mechanism of access and benefit sharing (ABSM) for sustainable collection of medicinal plants.
  • To enhance the capacity of the Park staff for better biodiversity conservation planning and management.

Medicinal plants in Ba Vi National Park

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