2-layer tank for bonsai

Faced with high demand for Bonsai by households, hotels, offices and based on the actual source of raw materials and available nutrients, Cares has produced and commercialized the 2-layer tank for bonsai.

Automatic watering double-bottom bonsai pot
  • Our bonsai pots have outstanding advantages compared to ordinary bonsai pots:
    • Materials are simple and readily available: Use broken bricks or plastic.
    • Available nutrients: Use rice water, meat broth, vegetables or NPK + eggs.
    • Automatic irrigation: Add water every 7-10 days (summer), 15-20 days (winter).
    • Diversity of Bonsai and purposes: Can grow all kinds of Bonsai, suitable for private houses, offices, hotels.
    • Saving electricity: 15-20 potted plants only use 1kwh/day.night.
    • Clean and beautiful: Pots without soil should be cleaner and more beautiful than ordinary bonsai pots.


Automatic watering double-bottom bonsai pot
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