Natural Resources & Environment Newsletter: Person with a passion for the environment

On March 14, 2021, Natural Resources & Environment Newspaper released a report on Dr. Pham Van Hoi with the title “People with a heart for the environment“. Dr. Pham Van Hoi spent hundreds of millions of dong to research, tinker and develop a circular ecological model for households; contributing to the treatment and utilization of domestic waste, environmental protection by being efficient and close.

Dr. Pham Van Hoi always wants to do things that can help the environment. From the Aquaponic system, Dr. Hoi and his learner have upgraded to a Chickenponic system with a cyclic operating system like a miniature garden pond model. The goal of the system is to process a part of easily degradable organic solid waste from leftovers, animal manure such as chicken and fish, from there through a filter, separating nutrients for plant growth. This system is many times more convenient than conventional composting, does not lose nutrients, reduces labor, and creates a source of clean food for households. Reducing environmental pollution becomes easy, anyone can do it.

Report on the model was published in the Newspaper of Natural Resources & Environment.

Source: Natural Resources & Environment Newspaper

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