Kitchenponics system of a household in Hanoi

Kitchenponics is a domestic waste treatment system combined with household-scale vegetable and ornamental plants. The system of receiving domestic waste directly, self-operates and decomposes naturally to provide nutrients for vegetables and ornamental plants through a semi-drip irrigation system. The system does not cause unpleasant odors, the water is relatively clear, the fish can live in the garbage disposal. Vegetables grow well in hot conditions in Hanoi, without a roof. The system is very durable, easy to operate and troubleshoot, and saves electricity and water.

Video from the Kitchenponics system at a household in Hanoi. In the video, vegetables are grown with seedlings from November 28, 2021, to now have grown very well.

Some pictures of the system were taken on January 22, 2022:

Tomato plants grow green and produce many fruits

The tomato plant bears many fruits
Lush green vegetable plot
For details on the Kitchenponics system, visit here.

To set up a Household-scale Kitchenponics system, contact us.

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