Center for Agricultural Research and Ecological Studies (CARES) is a public, non-profit educational and research institution within VietNam National University of Agriculture (VNUA).

Established by the Ministry of Education and Training in 2000, the CARES mandate is to help farmers enhance their knowledge and increase agricultural productivity, environmental protection and sustainable development in rural and peri-urban areas. The first priority of the activities is to serve poor people, especially disadvantaged groups and women.


Areas of Study

CARES conducts studies in the areas of agricultural ecology, rural sociology, natural resources management, farming system R&D, economics, marketing, and policy analysis.

Cooperative Relationships

CARES cooperates with local and foreign individuals, institutions and organizations relevant to its areas of work. Its cooperative activities are conducted in accordance Vietnamese law and accepted recognized international practices.

Operational Approach

CARES is a scientific-technological organization that applies an interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary approaches to research, training, education, and technological transfer, based on innovative and initiative concepts, ideas of its own staff, the local people to whom they work with, and other scholars and scientists from Vietnamese and international organizations.