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  • Role of NTFPs

    Role of NTFPs

    The Role of Non-Timber Forest Products (NTFPs) in Livelihood Strategies and Household Economies in a Remote Upland Village in the Upper Ca River Basin, Nghe An, Vietnam (Pages: 176 – 194, PROCEEDINGS OF REGIONAL CONFERENCE ON ENVIRONMENTAL     PLANNING AND MANAGEMENT ISSUES IN SOUTHEAST ASIAN COUNTRIES.) Nguyen The Phuong and Nong Huu Duong Center for Agricultural Research and […]

  • Final Report TOTEPAM Project

    Final Report TOTEPAM Project

    TOTEPAM REPORT Project title: Training of Trainers in Environmental Planning and Management in Vietnam (TOTEPAM) TOTEPAM project belongs to CDS component of DCE program between Vietnamese and Danish governments. The total budget was 1,720,000 DKK from DANIDA. General objectives: To enhance Provincial capacity and skills for training Provincial and District government staff in environmental planning […]

  • PHE Project

    1. BACKGROUND Over the past few years, the Vietnamese Educational System has recorded remarkable achievements. From official data from the year 2000, 94% of the Vietnamese population is literate. Compared to the total amount of 8811 hamlets, there are 235 left that have not yet applied the national education standard and compulsory education. However, only […]

  • TOTEPAM Project

    TOTEPAM Project

    Training Of Trainers in Environmental Planning And Management (TOTEPAM) Funding agency: DANIDA (Kingdom of Denmark) Coordinating agency:  Department of Science, Education, Natural Resources and Environment, Ministry of Planning and Investment Unit received project: Hanoi University of Agriculture (HUA) Unit implementing projects: Center for Agricultural Research and Ecological Studies (CARES) Project summary  In Vietnam, environmental problems […]

  • Bioversity International Project

    Bioversity International Project

    Details here:

  • CPR6.3 Project

    CPR6.3 Project

    Research Title: Pal-tropical spatial characterization of Agroforestry and its dependence on environmental, socio-economic and policy conditions in Vietnam Donor: ICRAF Implementing agency: CARES CARES Research Team: Dr.Nguyen Thanh Lam, Mr.Tran Nguyen Bang, Mr.Cao Truong Son, Dr.Dinh Thi Hai Van, Ms.Tran Lan Huong, Ms.Pham Thi Dzung, Ms.Kieu Thi Huyen Trang, Mr.Dinh Xuan Minh, Mr.Tran Manh Tuong […]

  • IDRC-107324 Project

    IDRC-107324 Project

    Project title: A multi-site research initiative to reduce malnutrition through nutrition-sensitive agriculture solutions Funding source: International Development Research Centre (IDRC), Canada Project duration: 36 months (3/2013-2/2016) Rationale Malnutrition and food security remain serious problems in both Vietnam and Thailand, particularly amongst ethnic minorities living in remote, upland areas. Sustainably improving local food availability through improved agricultural […]