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  • Networking on conservation and use of plant genetic resources in Europe and Asia

    Project summary: The centres of origin of important food crops, called Vavilov centres, are considered to be crucial sources of genetic diversity for present and future crop-breeding programmes and thus for human food safety worldwide. Traditional crop varieties and crop wild relatives are often highly endemic, ecologically rare, and most of them still survive in […]

  • Understanding conflict and cooperation in local water governance

    Understanding conflict and cooperation in local water governance

    UNDERSTANDING CONFLICT AND COOPERATION IN LOCAL WATER GOVERNANCE a collaborative and comparative research program INTRODUCTION Water is vital to local livelihoods and a key prerequisite for development. In recognition of this, recent years have seen an increasing focus on efforts to ensure effective water management in developing countries, reflected most clearly in the widespread water […]

  • Comparing forest management systems in vietnam: economic, ecological and social outcomes

    COMPARING FOREST MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS IN VIETNAM: ECONOMIC, ECOLOGICAL AND SOCIAL OUTCOMES The case study of Tam Thai commune, Tuong Duong district, Nghe An province GIS group, Center for Argicultural Research and Ecological Studies The uplands of Vietnam are in a state of deepening environmental and social crisis. Over the past 40 years, extensive deforestation has […]

  • Swidden agriculture experience in vietnam’s uplands

    Swidden farming (“or slash-and-burn” or “shifting cultivation”) was an excellent form of agriculture for Vietnam’s uplands when population density was low and forest cover was high; today it is clearly unsustainable, ill-suited for the current socioeconomic and environmental conditions of the mountainous regions. Growing population pressure in the uplands, along with the reduction of forest […]

  • Landcover analysis-CaRiverBasin

    Landcover analysis-CaRiverBasin

    The need for land use and land cover change information has become a focus in current strategies for managing natural resources and monitoring environmental change. In order to investigate the underlying causes of forest cover change over the period 1998 – 2003 in the two upper-most districts of the Ca River Basin, remote sensed data […]

  • Role of NTFPs

    Role of NTFPs

    The Role of Non-Timber Forest Products (NTFPs) in Livelihood Strategies and Household Economies in a Remote Upland Village in the Upper Ca River Basin, Nghe An, Vietnam (Pages: 176 – 194, PROCEEDINGS OF REGIONAL CONFERENCE ON ENVIRONMENTAL     PLANNING AND MANAGEMENT ISSUES IN SOUTHEAST ASIAN COUNTRIES.) Nguyen The Phuong and Nong Huu Duong Center for Agricultural Research and […]

  • Books

    Reviewing agroforestry and agroforest markets in vietnam’s uplands Agroforest marketing methodology Market development: training and research process The Development of a Private Trading System for Agricultural Products in Mountainous Areas of North, Vietnam Forest and fallow products in a rotational swiddening system in north central Vietnam Distribution of farming products in Cu Jut district, Dak […]

  • Một số đầu sách về lâm nghiệp đã được xuất bản

    Mã hiệu Tên sách Tên tác giả Nhà XB Năm XB 329 Văn bản tiêu chuẩn kỹ thuật lâm sinh - Tập 1 NXB Nông Nghiệp 2001 330 Văn bản tiêu chuẩn kỹ thuật lâm sinh - Tập 2 NXB Nông Nghiệp 2001 ST.3.40 Bản tin Lâm sản ngoài gỗ Vol 2 N0.4 2005 ST.3.41 […]