Call for papers: a regional nuffic-niche science conference


The goals of the conference are to disseminate:

  1. Approaches of developing competency oriented learning in BSc and MSc curricula related to Agriculture and Water Management considering Gender and Climate Change in SE Asia.
  2. Methods for developing national strategies of Integrated Water Resources Management, Coastal Engineering and Management and Disaster Management, in view of Climate Change.
  3. Approaches to, and results of, assessment and planning for Climate Change responses of agriculture and water management at local level.

The expected outcomes of the conference are to acquire:

  • Broader insights of institutional and structural conditions, advantages and methods of professional competency oriented and student centred learning based upon the market demand, in particular of Vietnamese Universities  and in general at Asian Universities.
  • Increased know-how on developing curricula and plans for climate smart agriculture and water related disaster prevention and management, at national and local level.

The targeted audiences of the conference are, next to the partners* of the organising projects, staff of universities, ministries, agencies and projects aiming at curriculum innovation and climate change responses.  To be invited are agencies such ADB, AUSAID, DED, EU and USAID, projects focussing on academic education, ministries of Higher Education, Science & Technology, Agriculture and Rural Development, and Vietnamese universities in the field agriculture and water management.


24-08 afternoon: Interactive learning workshops (both in Vietnamese and English) with keynote speakers and submitted cases to discuss the methods of (1) curriculum development, (2) course programming and (3) student centred teaching, and (4) the constraints of the implementation of student centred curricula.

Targeted participants: partners and other SEA universities, and other Niche projects.

25-08 morning: Opening of the Niche Viet Nam symposium:

8:30 Welcome by VNUA and ACCCU

8:40 General introduction of the Niche program in Vietnam (MOET & NUFFIC);

8:50 Results of the Niche/VNM projects at the three partner universities at the level of institutions, strategies, education, research and transfer of technologies;

10:00 Break

10:30 Keynote of Dr. Arjen Wals, Professor at Universities of Stockholm, UNESCO and Wageningen, government advisor and author on education for sustainability;

11:00 Overview of results from POHE

11:20  General discussion.

11:50  Closing of Niche Viet Nam Symposium by NL embassy and other VNM ministry.

12:15 Lunch

25-08 afternoon:    (14:00 to 17:00 with break at 15:15). Parallel sessions to present research on:


  • Coastal engineering and management of disasters related to water and CC;
  • Assessment of climate change impact on safety and food production;
  • Research on and planning for responses to climate change.

26-08 morning:  Know-how Exchange on Innovation and Business Incubation at Universities.


The scientific committeeof the regional NUFFIC-NICHE science conference University Curricula and Research on Water Management and Agriculture for Climate Change Responses calls for the submission of abstracts for oral presentations. A limited number of abstracts may be published in a special issues of Tropicultura and/or writing a full paper.


  • Submit abstracts before 26 May 2016. Please see the instruction for abstract format here.
  • Communication of selection for oral presentations and full-paper s: 20 June 2016
  • Deadline for submission of registration form: 30 June 2016
  • Submission deadline of selected full-papers: 18 July 2016. Please download the Registration form here and sent to or click to register online
  • Each oral presenter shall be entitled to 15 minutes for presenting, plus 5 minutes for questions.
  • Oral presentations should use Power Point type of files; no other projectors will be allowed.
  • Presenters and other participants are required to pay their own travel and hotel costs.

All abstracts must be in English – the official language of the conference.

A Book of abstracts will be printed by VNUA’s publication office. A limited number of full papers and abstracts can be published in a special issue of Tropicultura. Please indicate your interest in the latter when submitting the abstract.